What is Self-Management?
People give various answers to the question of what self-management means to them. For some it simply reflects the search for happiness, joy, contentment or balance in life; for others it means having sufficient time for themselves and others or developing a feeling for what they could do differently in their lives. Or it connotes planning new paths, being autonomous, becoming able to say “no,” being spontaneous – or any number of other things. All of these are, in a certain sense, contained within the concept of self-management. ... >> read more

Knowing your limits

Self-management is also concerned with getting to know your own limits and drawing the proper conclusions from what you have learned. People who experience great stress at work must able to set limits without feeling anxious or guilty. Once we feel we are approaching our own breaking point, we can communicate this to our superiors and colleagues as well. Of course, this does demand a certain amount of openness and courage, but in the long term this strategy of setting limits for oneself and for one´s work environment proves rewarding ... >> read more

Stress has both mental and physical impacts

Stress is a phenomenon that affects both our physical and our psychological well-being and can leave deep scars in its wake. Stress activates a certain region of the brain, the hypothalamus, which secretes a hormone that is then ... >> read more

Interview on the Subject of Burnout


Interview: "Burnout is not some passing fad. It´s not even a diagnosis as such. Rather it is a process of exhaustion that sometimes results in clinical depression. Mental exhaustion can affect any one of us, regardless of age, sex or profession. A study of Robert Koch Institute in Berlin from 2012 showed that 5% of all adult women and 3% of all adult men queried in Germany were suffering from burnout ..."

> Read the whole interview on the subject of burnout

The fifth dimension of self-management is action

  • Awareness
  • Relationships
  • Planning
  • Deciding
  • Action

What does action mean?

The fifth dimension of self-management is action.
By action we mean transforming a theoretical possibility into specific terms. By our actions we implement our own self-efficacy; through our behavior we actually make things happen and produce changes. Our actions let us start down the path we have chosen for ourselves. As with any journey, there must be a first step, which demands motivation and requires the courage to surmount obstacles. But this first step means setting off and getting one step closer to our goal.

In Dr. Peter M. Wehmeier´s book you will find over 100 specific suggestions for taking action and for addressing the other four dimensions of self-management. >> read more.